IB Visual Arts Exhibition: Barış Apaydın

  1. Mirroring Image

Red and Blue Edding Porcelain Markers

100×70 cm

June 2019

This painting is inspired by “The Yellow Christ” by Paul Gauguin and “Christ Carrying the Cross” by El Greco representing the continuous portrayals of Christ figure through different centuries. I also used crucifixion to reference the Second Coming of Jesus and the cycle of life and salvation. By using colored lights to highlight the paintings, I symbolized how the topic of religion can be perceived distinctly in different times and countries.

2. Plaster Saint

Medical Plaster Tape, Plaster, Wood Glue, Vaseline, Ceramic Adhesive, Rusty Metal Post, Metal String, Oil-Paint

180 cm

February 2020

I used medical plaster tape to create a cast of my friends’ faces and used metal strings to attach them to the metal post I found and cleaned from the garbage dumb. I then filled a bucket with ceramic adhesive and splashed oil paintings on it. The faces symbolize how people hide their faces behind a common mask even though their own uniqueness. The post they are attached to with strings represents their inhibition, and the colors symbolize distorted state of their essence.

3. Egg comes first, then the chick

Charcoal Sticks, Red Edding Porcelain Marker

100×70 cm

November 2020

The idea of life and growth process’s recurrence fascinates me. Despite the unique beauty of each person, the materialistic and monotone world of the 21st century prevents people from their journeys. The red footsteps represent the colorful and vivid nature of the chick in its most pure form, yet the grey and white egg with endless stairs symbolize the fabrication of personalities. The cycle of birth, growth and adulthood is being stripped away from them.

created by dji camera

4. The Temple

Drone Photograph

January 2021

I was inspired by Da Vinci’s golden rule painting for this photograph. The concept of beauty and aesthetics is a major part of life, and the cycle of beauty in nature and the ratio of perfection in a mathematical aspect is truly fascinating. I wanted to recreate this cycle of beauty in my life with this photograph. I used a drone to capture the image from a distant height in a circular environment in which I am lying down naked representing the purest form of human.